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Are you curious about alternative legal careers? There are many options, not just various careers you can pursue, but lots of people who can help you along the way to your dream job. We are lawyers and we’ve been where you are. Law Students. Recent Graduates. Professionals dissatisfied with their careers. Job seekers seeking something […]

The top 5 interview mistakes that I have seen repeatedly, and it is (VERY) difficult to choose just 5, are: Candidates are unprepared. Either the job seekers don’t know enough about the company at which they are interviewing, enough about their own resumes, or they are unable to answer basic interview questions, for example their […]

One – Do not include an objective on your resume. Your objective is to get the job; that is why you are sending the resume. Save the space! (Note: There are some resume professionals who recommend an objective. However, in the legal industry they are not generally approved of) Two – Do not include “references […]

There are plenty of style books out there. See the list to the right on this blog. Yes, In Style and the MLA Style Handbook both have a place on this list.  While most people do well in a LBD (Little Black Dress) or grey pin-stripe suit there are those people who do better, feel […]

Keep your contact information heading consistent across all of your documents, including your cover letter,  resume, thank you notes and references. Consider it your stationary stationery.

It Depends


Anyone who has attended law school has heard that “IT DEPENDS” is the typical answer attorneys should give to any question. Does it allow you to avoid accountability? To stall? To open the question up to additional analysis? Yes, yes and yes. It does all of those things. After I drafted this post I attended […]

You must know or figure out very quickly, how you learn. How do you work most effectively and efficiently? Knowing those things can make you productive in one environment and stagnant in another. Your work environment and the way you interact with the space and the people around you will effect how you learn, produce […]

Lesson #1: Don’t Lie. Lesson #2: If you do and you get caught (and you will) have an alibi. Lying to get ahead at work can get you fired. Lying to get a job will never end well. Sue Ellen Crandell never got the memo. In the movie, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Sue […]