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Tara Kachaturoff of TeachMeLaw Radio and I spoke recently about alternative legal careers, what that means, ways to determine what you want to do and what you can look forward to. Read the bolded language in the interview transcript below to see if an alternative legal career is right for you and let me know if […]

I was recently interviewed by Tara Kachaturoff of Teach Me Law Radio, a blogtalk radio station “with one objective in mind, to learn about the law and it’s impact on our lives.” Tara and I spoke about my business, Attorney’s Counsel, as well as other topics related to my work as Chair of the Law […]

Are you curious about alternative legal careers? There are many options, not just various careers you can pursue, but lots of people who can help you along the way to your dream job. We are lawyers and we’ve been where you are. Law Students. Recent Graduates. Professionals dissatisfied with their careers. Job seekers seeking something […]

Doctors practice medicine. Lawyers practice law. We PRACTICE. We say we’re experts and some of us are, but we are always practicing, gaining new skills and bolstering others. If you are not sure that you want to practice law you are not alone. You have options. If you have practiced for years you have most […]

Many women know what they want to be when they grow-up. Yesterday my 2.5-year-old daughter wanted to be a doctor-mommy-good-girl. I promised her I’ll work hard so she can be whatever she wants and she promised me the same. What she ends up doing professionally may not exist yet. I won’t go down the slippery-this-and-that-didn’t-exist-when-I-was-her-age-slope […]