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Image from Teach Me Law Radio

I was recently interviewed by Tara Kachaturoff of Teach Me Law Radio, a blogtalk radio station “with one objective in mind, to learn about the law and it’s impact on our lives.”

Tara and I spoke about my business, Attorney’s Counsel, as well as other topics related to my work as Chair of the Law Student Perspectives Committee at the NYCBar, including, law school and it’s continued viability, legal job searches, alternative legal jobs, tips for recent law school graduates and common resume mistakes I see in my practice.

I have included the audio from our interview here. There are many other topics that Tara and other expert interviewees have covered so please take a look and pass along the link if appropriate.

Next week, each day, I will highlight one topic from my interview since Tara and I were only able to touch on each one briefly.

I am looking forward to answering your questions as well.

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