Job Hunting is like Dating – What’s Your Type?


Finding a career and a job is like dating. All you need is the one you want.

I have heard this over and over. Finding a job is like dating. Networking is like dating. You wouldn’t propose the 1st time you meet someone so do not hand someone your card, ask for a job, or hand them your resume the moment you meet them. That seems fair. You probably would not respond well to a pushy over-eager networker who is simply looking to add connections to their list.

It is true that every relationship has to be nurtured, no matter how you meet. I do not generally delve into personal matters here, but while we’re on the topic of dating…my husband and I met on JDate. We met 8 years ago. We met online and we emailed first, then progressed to the phone and then, finally, after getting to know each other better and making sure we had mutual connections to do background checks we met in person. Did I know when he walked around the corner that he was the one? No. I thought he was cute so we talked, we dated, we learned more about each other and what the other one wanted, needed and just as importantly what the other one did not want or need. We learned how to work together and for each other.  Not everyday is a love-fest just like not every relationship needs tending to daily, weekly or even monthly. Stay in touch though. You never know when you’ll meet the one or when someone will come through and introduce you to your dream job. Everyone is a potential someone. What is your type of someone?

There are many people who say they have a “type” of guy or girl and even their friends say “oh, she/he, they’re not your type.” The same is true for a job. Knowing what you do and don’t like are equally important.

Ask yourself: What do you want? Why? What have you done today, this week, this month to get it? Has it worked? What do you not want? Short/Tall? Big firm/small non-profit? Funny/serious? Cubicle/corner office?

What is your professional “type?”

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